Thursday, July 28, 2011

She should at least log her hours.

Blade and I have been talking about jobs, particularly about how we'll balance our jobs and our friends and our church as a married couple. We started the conversation with our premarital counselor earlier this evening and continued it as we cleaned up our supper dishes in kitchen.

Blade took over loading the dishwasher, and I sat down to think. And this is what I thought --

Me: Something's bothering me. 

Blade: Work stuff? 

Me: Uh, yeah. How come the Watcher's Council doesn't just pay Buffy? 

Blade: Because being the Slayer is a calling, not a job. 

Me: But they pay Giles. 

Blade: That's different. He chose his job. Buffy was fated. 

Me: But Buffy can barely keep a regular job. She should get paid for all the hours she puts in being the Slayer. 

Blade: Functionally, I think it would taint the position.

We are absolutely mature grown-ups, who discuss mature, grown-up things.

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Molly said...

I agree with Blade. If she got paid, it would somehow mar her calling. She wouldn't be much greater than a mercenary. And how would she get paid, per slay? That could lead to all sorts of killing sprees, not a good idea.

You should definitely read the comics. They actually address this issue. I have them if you want to borrow them!