Saturday, October 1, 2011

You can get poetry-ness.

Blade and I saw The House's production of Cyrano on our honeymoon. I considered writing a review of it, but Ada Grey beat me to the punch.

Ada Grey, if you don't know, is my favorite Chicago theater critic. She is 7 years old. She has this to say about the end of Cyrano:

I think she actually loves him in the end, but he never actually gets to marry her like he wants to. Everybody in the audience was touched except if the Joker was there. Then he would not be touched, because he is a supervillain. Catwoman and Poison Ivy would because they are more gentle-hearted than others. 

Here are a few more gems.

On The Adventures of Pinocchio and Emperor's New Clothes
I like grown-up shows better than kids' shows, which is weird because I am a kid. Kids' shows I can love them, but I don't double love them. Some grown-up shows have romance, adult jokes, killing people, tough words. If you don't know all the words it makes the play more complicated, and then it makes it a puzzle, and it is more fun to figure out.  

On Macbeth
I would recommend Macbeth for ages 10 and up, but I am a very brave 7 year old. 

On Liza Minnelli's Daughter:
At the end, her clothes were regular. ... She looked like a person that didn't do any plays at all. 

When I am just wearing regular clothes, I feel lonely because it makes me feel like I am not Ada Grey. I am just a girl wandering around. I am not somebody; I'm nobody.  
Don't you want to be her best friend? 

I think this is the proper use of a 7 year old girl. Remind me of this if I ever have a 7 year old.