Thursday, December 16, 2010

O Tree Most Fair and Lovely

Last year, I hacked my own apartment's Christmas tree out of an upside-down tomato cage covered in green fabric. It got the job done in a minimalist kind of way.

This year, my friend Sarah decided that a tomato cage Christmas tree was unacceptable, and she gave me the present of a little artificial tree, perfect for my apartment.

The trouble was that I didn't technically have any Christmas ornaments. So the first Sunday of Advent, I invited my boyfriend Blade and my friend Steve over to help me make decorations.

Here is what we came up with:

Your skirt's crooked.

I did end up finding a handful of little glass ball ornaments at a garage sale. The tree skirt is actually one of my summer skirts, and the garland and flowers are pieces of a long-abandoned crochet project. We used paint chips from Home Depot instead of buying construction paper.
Upon closer examination, you will notice:

The Amazing Technicolor Dream Bear
I crocheted him last winter as a test run for a baby shower present.

The Christmas Caterpillar
He started out as one of those paper kissing balls you make in 3rd grade art class, but that failed, so he became a squinty little caterpillar.

The Abominable Cyclops
Blade made the happiest cyclops in the world.

 The Seraph
I told Steve I wanted an angel topper. He made one of those scary angels from Isaiah, all covered in wings and eyes.

I'm not sure it would win Martha Stewart's approval, but it's worlds cheerier than the tomato cage.


rhondak said...

I just noticed your cigar box presents. Too cute!

Steve said...

That was so fun.

Martyn Wendell said...

You should see our tree, propped up against the living room balcony door in my purple laundry basket. It is decorated with lights and a trapped garden gnome.

Want to do Steve and Blade (and their roommates) a favor / creative kindness in return by helping to dress up our tree? As it stands (er, leans?), it looks, well, kinda pathetic.

Also, I do own that book, and you may borrow it whenever you like.

nolongerteenagewasteland said...

That is the most wonderful tree in the world.